Sunday, February 15, 2009

DoTA makes the WORLD 'happy' ?

DoTA !!! :Everyday we can hear people shouting this 4 letter alphabelts that brings up no meaning to those who doesn't understand it.

Come la DoTA !!! :This time at least we noe it is an action.

U hate me? DoTA la ! walao !!! :Now we are getting closer to the meaning. Something to release hatred and used by chinese fella -.-

I own you la in DoTA ! NOOB !!! :Ooook...How do u own in an action? NOOB? another mysterious word. @.@

TRIPLE KILL ! Lai la kill me... i GODLIKE edy !!! : Oh gosh, is DoTA meant for killing??? GODLIKE ? Come on la, r u imitating a god in this fight?

ULTI ULTI ULTI !!! :Sounds like somebody is frustrated and is like asking a person doing something only which is, well....ULTI?

END GAME liao la : O.O ok... tht explains a lot... a game tht involve killing and becoming a god -.-''

Although we here all this word often in CC or apartment, as a freshman, it still remain mysterious to them until they see it for themselves but i believe there are no single teenagers in this world who doesnt noe wht DoTA is. It has been quite a popular game since the day people shouting tht name. lol... To be exact, DoTA stands for Defence of The Ancients that is related to a game called warcraft 3. I dont think further explainations is required as i believe many people edy noe.

There are many meanings in the word DoTA. Just 4 alphabelts and it can explains action, feelings, and make people happy. Well, in actions, in the old days, gangster or samseng fight with knife or anything they can use to hit a person, even pencils. Nowadays, DoTA has become a sign of peaceful fight where they fight in DoTA and the losers somehow lost their pride BADLY in just an hour. Now we can see how influencial and dangerous DoTA can be. Well, at least no blood can be seen except virtually >.<

Some people treats DoTA as stress relief too. Rather than hurting themselves or jumping from 'anywhere that can make them die" they can play DoTA to settle it down. How does this miracle works !!!? O.O No harm trying guys xD

When we mentioned bout the word "Let's DoTA", many people will feel happy. First, is the players. Well, this crazy DoTA freak can play this game multiple times and drain hours of their life and when they finish playing, just go to mamak stall or somewhere, and talk for hours AGAIN bout the 'history' of their game. See how entertaining guys. Second person will be the owner of the CC. DoTA means $$$$ to them. and every single word of DoTA repeats, u can just a smile crafted on their face. Although they are nt involve with the game, they still happy. Wow !!! Impressive ~

We can even describe a person's lifestyle with DoTA. There are saying where DoTA means Dunia orang takde awek. Well, it is true and the accuracy of this saying is about 75% !!! xD

Don't u think tht with DoTA, the world is beginning to be much brightter? people are happier ever since then. No more violence. So, lets shout, ' HAIL TO DoTA !!!' To make the world a better place.

Valentine what !!!?

Finally valentine's day is over. Well welll well, for all guys who 'partially' enjoyed your so called special date, what is so special about it compare to ur normal dates? By the name of valentine, i guess nth much. If u think it is more romantic, then r u saying there's not much sign of romance in ur usual date?
I bet u guys/gals are glad once valentine's day is over. No more hard work in thinking of wht to buy for ur love one. No more roaming around the malls with ur sweaty palms choosing gift in hope tht ur partner will love it more than any other presents u have her be4. Tired legs is of course the symptoms of people who stroll around a big mall especially those who stays in KL. =P Well, wht if u gave him/her almost EVERYTHING and u ended with a thought saying " I am soooo dead" ? In the end, u brought ANYTHING for her. Well, does that gift brings something special compared to the other gifts tht u gave not during her bday or v day? Come on la... If u wanna make her happy, then make her happy everyday. Dont need to be special on tht day because everyday also can rite?

There is another blogger i read saying tht those who is above 16 years old had their valentine's day rotten and no more 'cute cute' stuff going on anymore. Well, good for u young ones and enjoy while u can... Haha ~ I came to agree with wht he/she mentioned in the blog. In addition to tht, why we must bring her out and have special dinner on Vday? We can always do tht everyday as long as we hav $$$$.

For those who is still single, tell urself this, "what to do, dont have means dont hav lo". I bet some of them is thinking on destroying Vday as i, myself did but well, it is a big failure. >.< Think of the bright side la bang. U dont hav to use up ur money for 'special' dinner and gifts rite. So, tell urself this, we singles are rich ! lol... -.-

So, valentine's day is nth but a day to spend more and so called extra romance and emotional words tht is held every year ONCE and tht is the only time u can see ur partner being soooooo 'generous and humble'


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mad At Car's Car Too? & Twilight...

Well...I watched two movies in two days won't kill me but my wallet. Did anyone heard of a song that have the words "I like to move it move it" before? You can even hear the song in tv commercials promoting McD's new double Mc Chicken. The movie is madagascar 2. how to pronounce it? It sounds like 'medal car's car too'. Weird sentence but if u pronounce it, that is the title of the movie xD.

This is one of the posters of the movie.
How would I describe bout the movie? hmm... it is bout animals...duh... but 4 different types of animal. A lion, giraffe,hippotamus and zebra that meets at the zoo in madagascar 1 become best pal. I can't explain much on how the meet though since i didn't watch the previous one. Somehow, the story starts when these 4 'fellas' wanna return to New York. what's weird is, penguin do flies !!! with a plane -.-'' and using a rubber force to fly it. I guess they need a reality check. Even penguins have great intelligent. I don't wanna spoil the fun of watching this movie by telling out the storyline here. So i think those who wanna get their 'mouth started moving with sound', then this movie is suitable for you.

Today, the release of Twilight movie and i went and watch it straight away with ash and chris. The movie was great !!! Somehow, it melted girls heart too. Wonder who's the victim.. haha... the main actor is really great in the sense of cool and cold + weird(nt to forget). The way this movie goes is terrific. Mind Blasting ~ Too GooD... Too...GooD... xD
basically, it is about the life of a human loving vampire that is quite awkward at first but as it goes, the nicer it is.

A screenshot of the movie
The stare of a vampire... woo hoo...
wanna drink her or love her?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Start slow ~

Lets start of with a simple welcome to ME into the world of blogging. Why would i start blogging? Hmm... i think i am influence by a crazy yet close fren of mine who is currently studying in P.P. Guess who??? =P ur all time favourite..................

Chris !!! jeng jeng...

Doesn't he looks promising for being the best?
I do... xD

and another poyo yet close fren of mine who is currently studying with me in K.L.

Ashok !!! jing jing

Doesnt he looks....FAT.... haha... luckily i edited the pics so it looks slightly thinner =P Don't thank me for that dude...

P.s : dont get trick by his thin looks... it is must bigger than this. xP

and another 'mata suka menjeling' yet close fren of mine who is studying in MMU, melaka

Chee Han !!! jong jong

He looks at what???!!! oh man....

The three of them have been very close to me since the day i was born. They are the greatest!!! Next time, i shall put my opposite gender frens. Am i introducing my frens instead of myself? Well, that's life... haha... frens as victim.......'victim'. Guess it was great having them that i proudly presented them in my first blog before myself.Because of them, i've started blogging but the one who influence me the most is the crazy chris. Thx chris !!!
That's just it for the introductions... putting people's face and cover mine. great way of introduction to keep things warm and mystery. Warm??? nvm that...